Calendar of Events


Below is a summary of the events hosted by Growing Roots Core Partners from December 2014 to December 2017. Detailed workshop and event information is shared with the farming community via FarmsReach and the NCAT website. For more information about an event, refer to the Project Contacts page.


Date of EventLearning HubCore PartnerEvent Title
12/1/14StanislausNCATSoil Health
2/1/15Gill Tract Community FarmUCBFood Safety Training at UCGTCF
3/25/15Sunol AgParkSAGEFarmer-Buyer Mixer
3/31/15Sunol AgParkSAGETax Workshop
4/9/15OtherNCATPest ID Part 1
4/15/15OtherACRCDCreating Secure Land Tenure Agreements
4/15/15Gill Tract Community FarmUCBFood Safety
4/18/15Sunol AgParkSAGEFarm Tour
5/21/15StanislausNCATSoil Health & Drought
6/6/15Soil Born FarmNCATPastured Pork & Ruminants
6/7/15CLBLNCATPest/Beneficial ID
6/15/15Sunol AgParkSAGEWeed Management Workshop with Jim Leap
6/24/15Other - HealdsburgACRCDManaging Outdoor Hogs in Woodland
6/25/15Other - PescaderoACRCDOutdoor Pig Production: Managing Forage and Natural Resources for a successful Farm Business-Rootdown Farm
7/10/15Sunol AgParkSAGEBookkeeping II (a)
7/14/15OtherNCATPest ID Part 2
7/20/15OtherSAGECollaborative Bookkeeping
7/25/15Sunol AgParkSAGEBookkeeping II (b)
8/15/15Soil Born FarmNCATPastured Poultry
8/19/15OtherSAGEWalking Workshop & Farm Tour - Exotic Seeds
8/22/15Gill Tract Community FarmUCBImproving Your Soil Quality (for the Urban Food Grower)
9/2/15ALBANCATPractical Ecological Pest Management
9/5/15OtherACRCDOlive Oil Producer Group mtg
9/16/15OtherSAGEWalking Workshop & Farm Tour - Seed Saving
9/17/15AllUCBLearning Hub Retreat
9/20/15Gill Tract Community FarmNCATGood Bug/Bad Bug
09/21/15Gill Tract Community FarmUCBHarvest Festival
9/23/15Soil Born FarmNCATBusiness Planning Series: 1
9/27/15Sunol AgParkSAGEBeginning Farmers Tour
10/6/15Sunol AgParkNCATSoils & Interpreting Soil Tests
10/7/15Soil Born FarmNCATBusiness Planning Series: 2
10/12/15PuentesNCATSoils & Interpreting Soil Tests
10/14/15OtherUCBCottage Foods
10/14/15Soil Born FarmNCATBusiness Planning Series: 3
10/17/15CocoSanNCATSoils & Interpreting Soil Tests
10/21/15Soil Born FarmNCATBusiness Planning Series: 4
10/22/15OtherUCBSoils Workshop
10/28/15Soil Born FarmNCATBusiness Planning Series: 5
11/3/15Gill Tract Community FarmUCBThe Central Tenets of Integrated Pest Management
11/4/15Oak ParkUCBFood Safety
11/10/15ALBANCATRecordkeeping for Organic Certification
11/17/15Gill Tract Community FarmNCATUrban Farming: Business Models and Marketing Techniques
12/21/15OtherACRCDLocal Meat Producer Group/Slaughter Processing
2/8/16PuentesNCATMarketing 101
2/23/16StanislausUCBCottage Food Law and County Permitting Process
2/23/16StanislausUCBCottage Food Safety & Sanitation
2/23/16StanislausUCBDrying Fruits and Vegetables as Cottage Foods
2/23/16StanislausUCBCottage Foods Fruit Butters, Jams and Jellies
2/23/16StanislausUCBManaging and Marketing Cottage Foods
3/2/16Soil Born FarmNCATBotany & Plant Science for Beginning Farmers
3/14/16PuentesNCATMarketing your Products: Part 2
3/16/16Other - UCCE SacramentoNCATBest Conservation Management Practice for Strawberry Growers
3/29/16CLBLNCATBusiness Planning: Goals and Mission Statements
3/30-3/31/16Other - LivermoreACRCDHolistic Management Whole Ranch Planning Course
4/5/16CLBLNCATMarketing and Branding
4/21/16Sunol AgParkSAGEMarketing plants and starts
4/21/16Other - Modesto UCCE officeUCBCottage Food Law and County Permitting Process
4/21/16Other - Modesto UCCE officeUCBCottage Food Safety & Sanitation
4/21/16Other - Modesto UCCE officeUCBDrying Fruits and Vegetables as Cottage Foods
4/21/16Other - Modesto UCCE officeUCBCottage Foods Fruit Butters, Jams and Jellies
4/21/16Other - Modesto UCCE officeUCBManaging and Marketing Cottage Foods
4/24/16PuentesNCATIPM - Application
4/26/16CLBLNCATMarketing Channels & Marketing Strategies
5/7/16Sunol AgParkSAGEFarm Tour
5/26/16Other - LivermoreACRCDRanching for Profit Workshop
6/4/16Soil Born FarmNCATSmall Ruminants & Hogs
6/4/16OtherUCBImproving Your Soil Quality for the Urban Food Grower
6/5/16Gill Tract Community FarmUCBOn-Farm Food Safety Workshop
6/11/16OtherUCBSoil Sampling, Risk Mapping and Exposure Prevention for the Urban Grower
6/13/16PuentesNCATBusiness Plans
6/16/16Other - LivermoreACRCDIntroduction to Ranching with Wildlife
6/18/16OtherUCBSoil Sampling, Risk Mapping and Exposure Prevention for the Urban Grower
6/20/16PuentesNCATFarmers Markets & Farm Stands
6/21/16Other - UCCE SacramentoNCATCompost Dinner
6/22/16ALBANCATPest/Beneficial ID
6/25/16ALBANCATPest/Beneficial ID Part 2
6/25/16OtherUCBAdvanced Organic Soils Management
6/26/16PuentesUCBOn-Farm Food Safety Workshop
8/3/16Other - First Generation FarmersSAGEIntro to Bus Planning
8/9/16Other - VeggielutionSAGEBusiness issues in value-added production
8/10/16Other - First Generation FarmersSAGEIntro to Bus Entities
8/24/16Other - First Generation FarmersSAGEIntro to Farm Taxes and Bookkeeping
8/31/16Other - First Generation FarmersSAGECash flow budgeting and credit
9/28/16Soil Born FarmNCATFarm Business Planning, Class 1
10/5/16Soil Born FarmNCATFarm Business Planning, Class 2
10/12/16Soil Born FarmNCATFarm Business Planning, Class 3
10/19/16Soil Born FarmNCATFarm Business Planning, Class 4
10/26/16Soil Born FarmNCATFarm Business Planning, Class 5
11/15/16ALBANCATLatino Farmer Conference- Soil Health workshop
11/15/16ALBANCATLatino Farmer Conference- Food Safety and Post Harvest Handling Best Practices
12/6/16OtherACRCDBook Group - Fruitful Labor
12/8/16Santa Clara Dept of Ag - San MartinSAGETax Workshop
2017UCCE SacramentoNCATFor past participants only. Will focus on soil health.
2017Sunol AgParkNCATPest and beneficial ID and walk through
2017Santa Clara Dept of Ag - San JoseSAGETax Workshop
2017Sunol AgParkSAGECottage Food Session
2017AllUCBLearning Hub Retreat
2017Gill Tract Community FarmUCBHarvest Festival
2017Gill Tract Community FarmUCBFollow-Up Assessment
2017Other - Modesto UCCE officeUCBOn-Farm Assessment/Training
2017Other - Modesto UCCE officeUCBSupport/Evaluation of Food Safety Plans