Calendar of Events


Below is a summary of the events hosted by Growing Roots partners during the USDA-NIFA grant period, December 2014 to December 2017.  For more information about the workshop hosts, refer to the Core Partners page.


DateCore PartnerEvent Title
12/1/14NCATSoil Health
2/1/15UCBFood Safety Training at UCGTCF
3/25/15SAGEFarmer-Buyer Mixer
3/31/15SAGETax Workshop
4/9/15NCATPest ID Part 1
4/15/15ACRCDCreating Secure Land Tenure Agreements
4/18/15SAGEFarm Tour & Plant Sale
4/26/15UCBCommunity Farm Birthday Party and Permaculture Action Day
5/21/15NCATSoil Health & Drought
6/6/15NCATPastured Pork & Ruminants
6/7/15NCATPest/Beneficial ID
6/15/15SAGEWeed Management Workshop with Jim Leap
6/24/15ACRCDManaging Outdoor Hogs in Woodland
6/25/15ACRCDOutdoor Pig Production: Managing Forage and Natural Resources for a successful Farm Business-Rootdown Farm
7/2/15SAGEBookkeeping II (a)
7/10/15SAGEFarmer-Buyer Mixer
7/14/15NCATPest ID Part 2
7/20/15SAGECollaborative Bookkeeping
7/23/15SAGEBookkeeping II (b)
8/15/15NCATPastured Poultry
8/19/15SAGEWalking Workshop & Farm Tour - Exotic Seeds
8/22/15UCBImproving Your Soil Quality (for the Urban Food Grower)
9/2/15NCATPractical Ecological Pest Management
9/5/15ACRCDOlive Oil Producer Group mtg
9/16/15SAGEWalking Workshop & Farm Tour - Seed Saving
9/17/15UCBLearning Hub Retreat
9/20/15NCATGood Bug/Bad Bug
09/21/15UCBHarvest Festival
9/23/15NCATBusiness Planning Series: 1
9/27/15SAGEBeginning Farmers Tour
9/27/15SAGEHarvest Festival
10/6/15NCATSoils & Interpreting Soil Tests
10/7/15NCATBusiness Planning Series: 2
10/12/15NCATSoils & Interpreting Soil Tests
10/14/15UCBCottage Foods Train the Trainer workshop
10/14/15NCATBusiness Planning Series: 3
10/17/15NCATSoils & Interpreting Soil Tests
10/21/15NCATBusiness Planning Series: 4
10/22/15UCBSoils Workshop
10/28/15NCATBusiness Planning Series: 5
11/3/15UCBThe Central Tenets of Integrated Pest Management
11/4/15UCBFood Safety
11/10/15NCATRecordkeeping for Organic Certification
11/17/15NCATUrban Farming: Business Models and Marketing Techniques
12/21/15ACRCDLocal Meat Producer Group/Slaughter Processing
2/8/16NCATMarketing 101
2/23/16UCBCottage Food Law and County Permitting Process
2/23/16UCBCottage Food Safety & Sanitation
2/23/16UCBDrying Fruits and Vegetables as Cottage Foods
2/23/16UCBCottage Foods Fruit Butters, Jams and Jellies
2/23/16UCBManaging and Marketing Cottage Foods
3/2/16NCATBotany & Plant Science for Beginning Farmers
3/14/16NCATMarketing your Products: Part 2
3/16/16NCATBest Conservation Management Practice for Strawberry Growers - Meeting
3/20/16UCBPermaculture Action Day
3/29/16NCATBusiness Planning: Goals and Mission Statements
3/30/16ACRCDHolistic Management Whole Ranch Planning Course
3/31/16ACRCDHolistic Management Whole Ranch Planning Course
4/5/16NCATMarketing and Branding
4/21/16SAGEMarketing plants and starts
4/21/16UCBCottage Food Law and County Permitting Process
4/21/16UCBCottage Food Safety & Sanitation
4/21/16UCBDrying Fruits and Vegetables as Cottage Foods
4/21/16UCBCottage Foods Fruit Butters, Jams and Jellies
4/21/16UCBManaging and Marketing Cottage Foods
4/24/16NCATIPM - Application
4/24/16UCBEarth Day Festival
4/29/16NCATMarketing Channels & Marketing Strategies
5/7/16SAGEFarm Tour
5/26/16ACRCDRanching for Profit Workshop
6/4/16UCBImproving Your Soil Quality for the Urban Food Grower
6/4/16NCATSmall Ruminants & Hogs
6/5/16UCBOn-Farm Food Safety Workshop
6/11/16UCBSoil Sampling, Risk Mapping and Exposure Prevention for the Urban Grower
6/13/16NCATBusiness Plans
6/16/16ACRCDIntroduction to Ranching with Wildlife
6/16/16ACRCDIntroduction to Ranching with Wildlife
6/18/16UCBSoil Sampling, Risk Mapping and Exposure Prevention for the Urban Grower
6/20/16NCATFarmers Markets & Farm Stands
6/21/16NCATCompost Dinner
6/22/16NCATPest/Beneficial ID
6/25/16UCBAdvanced Organic Soils Management
6/25/16NCATPest/Beneficial ID Part 2
6/26/16UCBOn-Farm Food Safety Workshop (Learning Hub Retreat)
8/3/16SAGEIntro to Bus Planning
8/9/16SAGEBusiness issues in value-added production
8/10/16SAGEIntro to Bus Entities
8/11/16NCATLivestock Production
8/24/16SAGEIntro to Farm Taxes and Bookkeeping
9/9/16UCBCA Farmer Educator Network Summit
9/20/16NCATCover Crops
9/28/16NCATFarm Business Planning, Class 1
10/5/16NCATFarm Business Planning, Class 2
10/12/16NCATFarm Business Planning, Class 3
10/19/16NCATFarm Business Planning, Class 4
10/26/16NCATFarm Business Planning, Class 5
10/30/16UCBHarvest Festival
11/15/16NCATLatino Farmer Conference- Soil Health workshop
11/15/16NCATLatino Farmer Conference- Food Safety and Post Harvest Handling Best Practices
12/6/16ACRCDBook Group - Fruitful Labor
12/8/16SAGETax Workshop
1/22/17NCATSoils and Composting
1/25/17SAGEGetting Your Farm Business on the Right Legal & Financial Footing
1/31/17ACRCDOlive Oil Producer Group mtg
2/8/17NCATIntroduction to Farm Business Planning
2/15/17UCBFood Safety Good Agricultural Practices Training
2/23/17ACRCDOlive Tree Pruning Field Day
3/1/17NCATMarketing workshop
3/9/17ACRCDFarm Tour Field Day & Discussion
3/29/17NCATMarketing workshop
3/30/17NCATBusiness Planning workshop
5/9/17NCATDirect Marketing workshop
5/11/17ACRCDLivestock Production 101
5/11/17NCATDirect Marketing workshop
5/30/17NCATIPM Part 1
5/31/17SAGECottage Food Session
6/8/17UCB"ANR Workshop" Rob Bennaton
6/21/17NCATIPM - Workshop
6/24/17NCATIPM - Field Day
6/29/17ACRCDGrazing 101: Getting the Lease
8/8/17NCATIPM Part 2
9/12/17UCBFood safety workshop for Chinese Growers
10/29/17UCBCA Small Farm Conference: Scholarship Recipients' 1.5 hours of workshops
10/29/17NCATField Course: Conservation that Works
10/29/17UCBShort Course: Cottage Food
11/4/17UCBSoils 2+
11/4/17UCBSoils 1
11/8/17ACRCDFarming Efficiently Series: Crop Planning
11/10/17UCBSoils 1-3 & Poultry RM
11/16/17UCBSoils 1-3 & Poultry RM
11/18/17UCBSoils 1-2
11/18/17UCBSoils 1
11/19/17UCBSoils 2
11/20/17ACRCDFarming Efficiently Series: Weed Management
11/30/17UCBFood Safety
12/1/17UCBImproving Soil Quality for Urban Grower
12/2/17UCBSoil Sampling, Risk Mapping and Exposure Prevention for the Urban Grower
12/12/17UCBImproving Soil Quality for Urban Grower
12/14/17UCBEdible Landscaping
12/14/17UCBSoil Sampling, Risk Mapping and Exposure Prevention for the Urban Grower