Please take advantage of the many resources developed by Growing Roots partners and collaborators. They are available free online.

  • Hedgerows for Beneficial Insects (English)
  • Hedgerows for Beneficial Insects (Spanish)
  • Collaborative Farming Toolkit: Designed to showcase best practices for Collaborative Farming, with the target audience being farmers considering such arrangements and landowners and/or organizations that are considering establishing such entities.
  • CA Urban Agriculture Food Safety Guide: An overview of food safety laws and regulations that may impact urban farm operations, as well as guidelines for effective practices that can help minimize the risk of contamination in the production and exchange of urban-produced foods.
  • Grassroots Financing Guide for CA Farmers: This guide discusses options for obtaining funds for farm enterprises in California through methods other than bank and institutional loans. With growing consumer interest in local sources of food, there are increasing opportunities for farmers to include their customers, friends, family, neighbors, and other community members in the farm enterprise as investors.
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  • Growth of a California Organic Operation (English)
  • Organic Farmer Luis Guevara in California (English)
  • Interview with Organic Farmer Aldo Andres Marega (English)
  • Crop Planning and Labor Costs (Spanish)
  • Entrevista con Luis Guevara agricultor orgánico del Rancho La Familia (Spanish)
  • Entrevista con Aldo Andres Marega agricultor orgánico (Spanish)
  • Accessing Land & Securing a Lease (English, Hmong, Mien)
  • Beneficial Insects (Mien)
  • Cottage Foods (English, Mien)
  • Crop Selection: Planning Planting (Hmong, Mien)
  • Crop Selection: Strawberry Varieties (Hmong, Mien)
  • Fertilization (English)
  • Food Safety (GAPs) (English, Hmong, Mien)
  • Harvesting & Post-Harvest Handling (English, Hmong)
  • Land Preparation (English, Hmong)
  • Organic Production (Hmong, Mien)
  • On-Farm Installation of Compost: Best conservation management practices for strawberry growers (Mien)
  • Permits, Laws & Regulations (Mien)
  • Pest ID & Mgmt: Insect Pests – Beetles, Bugs, Worms (Hmong)
  • Pest ID & Mgmt: Intro to Pests, Insects and Diseases (Mien)
  • Pest ID & Mgmt: Weed Control (Hmong)
  • Soil Aggregate Stability Demonstration (English, Spanish)
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