UC Berkeley


Since 2007, UC Berkeley has partnered with numerous Cooperative Extension and non-profit partners in 10 California counties to develop culturally relevant training for beginning Southeast Asian and Latino farmers in the Central Valley, and aspiring urban farmers in the East Bay Area.

In collaboration with UCCE Sacramento-Chuck Ingles and a Mien videographer, they developed a series of youtube videos, “New Strategies for Farming in America,” being dubbed in Hmong and Mien languages, which offer Southeast Asian immigrants accessible information about land access, soil and fertility, weed, disease and pest identification and management, laws and regulations, among other topics.

In collaboration with UC Davis Food Safety Expert, Trevor Suslow, they created a concise, comprehensive food safety training program, and have trained over 300 farmers on how to implement an on-farm food safety program.

Through a marketing program, they have helped 12 Southeast Asian farmers increase sales by over $100,000 over two years.

They have also enhanced visibility of farmers and their products through press events, brokering contacts, and creation of interactive online farmstand maps.

Most recently, UC Berkeley helped develop an Urban Agricultural Learning Hub on 1.5 acres at the UC Gill Tract Community Farm. Over 250 urban farmers have engaged in preliminary farming activities.